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Visual Basic .NET books is a section about useful books on VB .NET programming. VB .NET is an object-oriented programming language which is an evolution of Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB). It is implemented on the popular .NET Framework. Microsoft currently supplies Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition free of charge. Download here:

Microsoft Press - Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition Build a Program Now!

Visual Basic 2008Level: Beginner/Intermediate
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Visual Basic 2008 Express Build a Program Now! from Microsoft Press is a book for students, hobbyist programmers and people who always thought programming was a tough task.

This book is for people who have ideas but don't know how to bring them to reality. The book has an intuitive learning flow. It starts with Introduction to Visual Basic 2008. It then has a complete know-how on downloading and installing the VB 2008 Express and then guides you step-by-step to create your first application. The core of the book contains guidance and information on creating your own web browser and using the rapid application development tools. Towards the end you will learn about managing data and conclude with a interesting chapter on building a Weather Tracker application.

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step

Visual Basic 2008 Step by StepLevel: Beginner/Intermediate
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This book is a complete guide to programming with Microsoft Visual Basic. The first few chapters cover all the fundamentals for newbie programmers. After an introduction, it takes you through the basics of using the Visual Basic Environment and then guides you to write your first program.

You then learn about using the ToolBox Controls. Mid way through the book, you learn about Visual BASIC programming language and the .NET Framework. You will also learn how to Debug programs, Error Trapping, designing the User Interface, managing Forms and Controls, adding Graphics and Animation effects and working with Printers. Towards the end, you will learn database programming with ADO.NET and creating websites/web pages using Visual Web Developer and ASP.NET.

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