Welcome to Max Visual Basic

Visual Basic or popularly known as VB, has been the programming language of choice for Windows based Rapid Application Development. Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code or BASIC, once considered a toy has now evolved into one of the most easy to use and powerful programming languages available for creating simple programs to complex applications.

This site will provide you all the essential information needed to create user-friendly, sophisticated programs with VB. Whether you are already a developer or just started learning to program, this site will help you learn more. The information on this site will help you move to the next level by understanding deeper concepts of VB programming.

The Beginners section is for students, hobbyist programmers and people who always thought programming was a tough task. If you are new to programming, VB is the best choice as it has a history of being simple and easy to learn. This section will also introduce you to the art and science of writing programs.

The Help section is the central source on this site for variety of useful articles across different VB platforms. This section is about learning new things as well as reacquainting yourself with the forgotten details of familiar methods. It is divided into categories for easier lookup and navigation.

The Download section provides links to download Visual Basic software, tutorials, e-books, sample programs and projects.